Social Betting Apps – Take Your Pick!

What is social sports betting?

Social sports betting is really little more than a catch-all term encompassing any sports betting with a social media element to it and can cover a vast array of options.

On the one hand it can be concentrated on peer to peer betting, not unlike a betting exchange, but where you effectively take what would once have been the ‘friendly’ bet in the pub over a few pints online.

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For example, a bet as to whether there will be a glaring refereeing mistake in favour of the big club in the live televised match to who will win the next game of pool you play.

Others concentrate on more traditional sports betting markets that you find with the major bookies but will have a social media aspect to them, such as a facility to chat with other bettors or to share betting tips.

Social betting networks have been around for a few years now and are growing in popularity.  So much so, that the major bookmakers are even forming partnerships with some social sports betting sites to get themselves a piece of the action.

How do social betting apps work?

What social betting apps essentially provide is a more personalized form of gambling tailored for the individual where they have a social betting platform to discover and share bets.

Most gambling sites are there simply to take bets and generate revenue from the losses, but with social betting apps the idea is to add more of a social or fun aspect to your betting.

With some social sports betting sites, it’s possible to bet, share betting tips and advice, see what others are betting on and challenge your friends all from the one place, so avoiding the hassle of having to search around various sites and social media.

So, what you get with a social betting app is all the speed and convenience bettors crave, plus the option of being able to interact and share information with friends and fellow punters.

Which are the best social gambling apps?

As stated previously, there’s a huge variety of social gambling apps on the market today.

As a member of BetBull’s online betting community, you will have the opportunity to benefit from tipsters all around the world and to create your own list from the leaderboard of the best bettors or to offer your own tips and achieve legendary status.

You can also chat with fellow bettors and, with BetBull being a sportsbook in its own right, there are also over 30,000 live betting events available every month.

You have the chance to get boosted odds on the selections you want to place and there’s also an in-running cash-out function and 24/7 customer service.  Basically it’s an online bookmaker with added extras.

Another top option for social betting is, which also has its own sportsbook available through its sports betting app for mobile or tablet.  The Bookee app is currently only available in the App Store (wider access is anticipated soon – there’s a waitlist for Android you can sign-up for) and it benefits from being very intuitive and simple to use.

With the Bookee app you just swipe through the carefully selected categorized bets from Bookee’s team of in-house betting experts and then, using Bookee’s unique stake slider (built specifically for mobile), place your chosen bets with the flick of a finger or move on to the next option.  It’s been described as the ‘Tinder of betting’.

In what is surely a world first in gambling, Bookee also has a ‘Split Bet’ feature, where you can go halves with your friends or a contact within the app by splitting bets, so giving you the option of halving your potential risk.

There are numerous other social betting networks available that are well worth checking out, including WantMyBet, Betfect, YouBetMe and Tedbets.

How to download top social betting apps?

Downloading the top social betting apps is all very straightforward.  For example, with the BetBull iOS app you simply go to iTunes and download the app as you would any other.

The BetBull app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  

If you wanted to download the Bookee app for Android, that would be slightly more complicated as a result of Google not storing any gambling apps on their Play Store.  However, that’s easily overcome.

Once you have ensured that the location settings on your mobile settings are enabled, simply:

  1. Download the Bookee app from your mobile device (help is available via the Bookee download page should you require it)
  2. Modify settings to allow installation (click ‘Unknown Sources’ under your devices Security or Application settings) and allow installations
  3. Install – Go to My Files -> My Downloads Folder -> and click the app (.APK file) to install