Money Coming in for Conor McGregor

When the super fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was announced, the bookies rushed to get prices up.

Immediately they made Mayweather the shortest of odds-on favourites. That’s only to be expected when you consider the gulf in class of the two men as boxers.

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However, bookmakers have recently reported a flood of bets for McGregor. Could this market activity point to an upset on August 26th?

Mayweather v McGregor Betting Offers

A Puncher’s Chance

Boxing fans are used to seeing the bookies’ favourite overwhelm their opponents.

Whether it’s up and coming fighters being given easy fights so that they get competitive experience or world champions fending off mandatory challengers, there are plenty of lop sided bouts in boxing.

However, we’ve seen a number of these fights end in an upset for the favourite after being caught with one big punch.

That is the hope for McGregor fans.

We’ve all seen the Irishman’s incredible punch power. He famously knocked out Jose Aldo with just one blow and several UFC stars have felt the full force of McGregor’s left hand.

There is little doubt that he could knock Floyd Mayweather out if given the opportunity. Getting that opportunity to land a clean blow is a different matter entirely but McGregor’s power gives him a puncher’s chance, one of the main reasons that so many people are choosing to back him for the win at big odds.

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Will Age Be the Defining Factor?

Another reason that punters are putting their hard earned money on McGregor is the difference in age between the two fighters.

McGregor, who has just turned 29, wasted no time in highlighting Mayweather’s age.

When he announced the fight on his social media accounts, the Irishman posted a photo of himself and Mayweather’s dad, Floyd Mayweather Senior. As is normally the case, that joke was so funny because it contained a grain of truth.

Mayweather Jr is 11 years older than his opponent. Time waits for no man, as they say, and that is especially true in a high intensity sport like boxing.

As remarkable as Mayweather’s defensive skills are, he’s fighting against a man in supreme physical condition who has made his name in MMA for his power and explosiveness.

The general school of thought is that McGregor has to knockout Mayweather out in the early rounds to have any chance of getting the win. But that is assuming the American has the same reserves of stamina that he’s displayed throughout his career.

When you factor in two years or ring rust, Mayweather is going to need a top class training camp or he’ll risk being caught out by his younger opponent.

Does McGregor Represent Value at 9/2 with Sky Bet?

When the fight was first announced few people would have believed that McGregor would be as short as 9/2 (odds with Sky Bet). But perhaps that price still represents value about a man who has knocked opponents out at different weight classes.

In the end, the flurry of support for McGregor in the betting is no real surprise.

Everybody knows just how big an ask it is for the Irishman to win and yet it’s the sort of fight that we all want to watch just in case. At tempting odds, many people believe that he’s also worth a ‘just in case’ bet.