Formula 1 Free Bets

Formula 1 motor racing entertains a global viewing audience in excess of 450 million people 20 times a year.  That’s a fact.

It’s also a fact that a number of these F1 fans like to add to the excitement of high-octane wheel-to-wheel racing by having a bet on the outcome of the F1 races.

But it’s also true that Formula 1 betting is nowhere near as popular as football or horse race betting.  It is something online sportsbooks seem intent on addressing and to do so they are offering more and more Formula 1 free bet offers to entice customers to get involved in this thrilling sport.

Top Formula 1 Free Bets

Formula 1 Free Bets – Race Your Way To a Free Bet

Formula 1 free bets differ from regular paid for bets in two ways.

Firstly there is no risk involved with a free Formula 1 bets. If your bet loses you will not be financially worse off in any way.

Secondly if your selection wins your total return will be net of stakes.  Therefore a £10 free bet on a 4/1 winner will see £40 paid into your betting account in cash.  

Popular Formula 1 Free Bets

Formula 1 offers up all sorts of betting opportunities.  The most simple and obvious is a win bet on the race winner.  But, just as Formula 1 has evolved, so has Formula 1 betting.  You can now bet on all sorts of outcomes and eventualities.

Not only can you place win bets on the ultimate race winner, you can also make win bets on all of the three practice sessions which make up a ‘Formula 1 weekend’ in addition to the all-important qualifying session.

But, as these ‘races’ normally go to the fancied cars and teams at relatively short prices, anyone with a Formula 1 free bet could do worse than to place it on something more adventurous.

You can bet on the driver to set the fastest lap, a driver to finish in the first three, six and top-ten, a driver to retire from the race and even the winning distance.  

The number of betting opportunities during a Formula 1 weekend is breathtaking.

F1 Free Betting - Free Bets UK

How to claim Formula 1 Free Bets

For most the first Formula 1 free bet offer they will receive will come when they open a new online betting account with one of the major and reputable online sportsbooks.

The process is simple, open a new account, place a bet and when that bet is settled your new account with be credited with a bet or, in some cases, several bets which you can place on Formula 1 races.

Just like horse racing, some bookmakers give their customers ‘Money Back Specials’ to unfortunate punters who suffer a cruel turn of fate.  A car breaking down on the final lap for example, or disqualified post-race for a technical infringement.

Normally there is little ‘claiming’ to be done with a number of these Formula 1 free bet concessions, as most major bookmakers credit to your account automatically in the event of such a catastrophe.  Sometime however, as a new customer, you may be requested to ‘opt in’ to a free bet offer when making your first deposit.

Formula 1 Free Bets No Deposit

With millions of Formula 1 fans who are considered to be an ‘untapped market’ it is no surprise online sportsbooks are showering potential new customers with Formula 1 no deposit free bet offers.

These promotions do not give you a free bet following your first deposit, they actually give you a free bet for simply registering a new account without the need to deposit or bet beforehand.  Even better!

Having a free bet on any sport can only serve to add to its excitement and with the average Formula 1 race lasting 90 minutes, your Formula 1 free bet can give you a lot of fun.