Esports Betting - Ultimate Guide to Esports Free Bets, Betting tips & Strategies

Esports is no longer associated with young lads, but a skilled career choice for a few. Esports offer you a chance to compete (and make a small fortune), with plenty of betting odds and free bets to take a punt on.

What is Esports?

Esports refers to the professionalisation of video gaming. Essentially, Esports betting is the collective phrase for computer games and video gaming. Long gone are the days where video games were reserved for basements. Today, esports betting players are earning millions and signing lucrative sponsorship deals.

French Lucas DaXe Cuillerier, from PSG Esports Team (L), competes against German Florian Muller Cody from FC Basel (R) - Esports Betting

Esports can cover a broad range of online games. The likes of Fifa Football, including the World Cup and the popular CS: GO (Counter Strike. Global Offensive) have millions of players worldwide. Other popular Esports games include League of Legends, Call of Duty and Overwatch, and you’ll find most tournaments occur in these games and a few others. The leagues and competitions have spread far beyond the reach of your own house, and most players in the UK and Europe have had a go at Esports. The games even boast loyal followings that watch the competitions live.

Game screen of League of Legends - Esport Betting - Free Bets UK

Esports Betting

Esports betting is rising in popularity for most major bookmakers. There’s no definitive list of Esports bet games; wherever there is a challenge and a chance to battle. Regarding betting turnover, Esports ranks number six, with millions of players worldwide. Esports bets are so popular, it’s expected to become the fourth most popular betting sport in 2020, turning over $27 billion annually.

Esports betting odds and games will, most commonly, be listed under the sports tab of most betting sites. From there, you’ll find a list of games to play. The most common for tournaments to get involved with are:

  • Call of Duty
  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • StarCraft II

Currently, League of Legends boasts four out of every ten Esports bets placed. CS:GO takes 29% of the Esports betting market, with Dota 2 in third place with 18%. For those not in the know, these games are referred to as the ‘big three’.

How to Bet on Esports

As Esports betting grows in popularity, the markets are getting bigger. There are plenty of betting options to choose from, with the most common for all of these tournaments the ‘outright winner’. This refers to the overall winner of the tournament, with clear favourites far ahead before the games even start. If you do your research, you could have a pretty good guess as to who is going to come out on top. However, outright winner odds, typically, offer fewer returns as you have to wait for the tournament to finish before your bet comes in.

Betting on the game winner is a good way to start placing bets on Esports. If you do your research, with most bookmakers providing competitive odds and up-to-date stats on the team, you’ll be able to come away quids in. Moneyline betting is a form of ‘match winner’ bet, and is another massive market for Esports.

Handicap bets are a variation of moneyline betting that have larger returns but more risks. While the money is worth a punt, you should only ever place handicap bets if there is a large gulf between the two sides. If the teams are of a similar style and stamina, the risk that the one you didn’t bet on is great.

The above markets are fairly standard in the industry, with most betting sites offering them. However, you can get specialist Esports bets, in the form of First-blood (first team to die) or first amount of kills etc.

Placing Esports bet is also seriously easy. You just choose your bookmaker, find the category and the games and away you go.

Esports Betting Strategy & Odds

It goes without saying there’s a strategy to the games, and hunting for those elusive Esports free bets. First up, you need to understand the Esports market before spending money. Research the teams and the tournaments, looking at updated stats of the players to ensure you put your money behind a winner. If you’ve played one of the games before, you are better off betting on said game as you can use personal experience.

Take a look at the odds before betting and check they’re as good as can be. Don’t bet if it’s not worth it. Esports betting odds can be widely different between sites. If a decent team has solid odds and you’re pretty sure they are going to win, that’s when you should place your bets. We recommend scouring betting sites for the best odds. Freebets always compare the sites, so you get more bang for your buck. Betting with various sights can spell major increases in your returns. You can expect betting odds to be presented in one of three formats. Decimal and American odds are the traditional methods of displaying odds, but you can view odds as percentages. It’s easy to get your head around odds with the decimal format. If a team has a higher number than their opponent, they’re less favoured to win. For example, a team with odds of 1.600 against 2.500 are more likely to come away with the title. If you decided to place £100 on those odds of 1.600, you’d walk away with £160. Likewise, if the other team pulled a blinder, your returns would be a hefty £250.

Always research gameplay strategies. If one team has the better strategy and the previous stats are in their favour, they have a decent chance of winning. Gameplay strategies are vital for Esports betting. It’s also worthwhile getting to grips with as many Esports terms as possible.

Popular Esports Free Bets

Esports free bets are the holy grail. You’ll find most betting sites have Esports free bets available. 1% of the world’s population is estimated to play League of Legends, so there’s plenty of scope for free bets.

The most common Esports free bet is the welcome offer. You’ll find most sites offer £20-£30 in Esports free bets when you register an account with the bookmaker. These types of bets tend to have wagering requirements attached, but that’s to be expected with most free bets. Double your first deposit is another common form of Esports free bet. Quite commonly, Esports free bets cannot be used on accumulator bets.

How to Claim Esports Free Bets

Esports free bets can easily be claimed. Most Esports free bets are available for new customers, so you have to sign-up with the bookies. Registering an account is straightforward, and most bookmakers will share a clear Join Now button on their homepage. Once you’ve submitted your details, you follow the terms and conditions attached to the specific Esports free bet to qualify for the bonus funds.

Esports Free Bets No Deposit

While Esports free bets are popular, they’ve got nothing on the Esports free bet with no deposit. This free bet is so appealing, they can be hard to come across. A free bet with no deposit is exactly what you’d expect; you’ll receive bonus funds (free bet) for only signing up for a new account. You don’t have to meet any wagering requirements but you must be a new player. As there are so few terms and conditions, not many betting sites offer this type of Esports free bet frequently.

Esports Betting – The Future of Sports Betting

As of 2016, Esports betting has around 323 million viewers. This is expected to grow to an estimated 589 million viewers in 2020. More and more punters are turning to Esports, especially in the digital age. The biggest teams and players of Esports also bring a loyal following of fans, with people going out of their way to watch them perform at tournaments.

Members of the Chinese eSports team compete in the eSports tournament at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games - Esports Betting - Free Bets UK

Pinnacle, one of the leading gambling sites for Esports, has recently announced it tooks its five millionth Esports bet, which demonstrates the growth. That same brand expects to take their 10 millionth at the beginning of 2018.

The biggest audience when it comes to Esports is, most definitely, men. The largest demographic is between the ages of 21 and 35, and 71% of those are male. As these ages have more disposable income, you can bet that money spent on Esports will increase massively. In 2020, experts are predicting that Esports will be a multi-billion pound sport, with a turnover of $27 billion.